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photo of Rep. Alice Hausman Alice Hausman, State Representative - Minnesota House - District 66

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See the new profile of Representative Hausman posted by The Council of State Goverments.

On YouTube, you can watch as John Forde, of the St. Paul Forum on SPNN, discusses the upcoming legislative session and local concerns with Rep. Hausman.

A letter from Alice Hausman:

Every ten years we re-draw legislative district boundaries to reflect the new population numbers from the census. Those new lines would have paired me with Rep. Mindy Greiling except for the fact that she had earlier announced her decision not to run for re-election. Mindy is a dear friend and admired colleague. We will miss her deep knowledge of education funding, her candid and clear communication of the legislative failures to appropriately fund education, and her leadership in attempting to move us toward honest solutions.

I am now running to represent a dramatically new district, including the neighborhoods of St. Anthony Park and Como Park in St. Paul, the cities of Falcon Heights and Lauderdale, and most of Roseville. I ask for your support to carry on the tradition of integrity in legislative work that these communities expect.

I have concentrated my legislative work on the environment, renewable energy, and public mass transit. As chair of the Capital Investment Committee and now its ranking minority member, I was able to lead on infrastructure funding for higher education and transit. I also intend to partner with Sen. Marty on work to achieve health care for everyone that is accessible, affordable, portable and permanent.

In these economically challenging times we need to make smart investments designed to improve the economy. There is agreement that two areas are a priority—first, a world class system of education from early childhood through higher education, and second, infrastructure. We need classrooms and laboratories that educate the workforce of the future. Improving the condition of our wastewater systems, roads, bridges, and transit system will help to keep us competitive. I hope to lead the effort for careful investment.

A League of Women Voters candidate forum is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 25, at the Roseville City Hall Council Chambers. My opponent has declined to participate, but I look forward to this opportunity.

We are, all of us, in this together.
We are connected.

Transportation Connection

Our region needs a range of transportation choices to move people to jobs, medical appointments, school and recreation. Good roads help, but they are only one part of a system that should include buses, bike paths, pedestrian routes, trains and paratransit. Each of these choices deserves a dedicated revenue stream. Minneapolis is looking at five new transit corridors, St. Paul is asking for one. Broad access to good transportation choices will slow down sprawl, reduce environmental damage and increase economic growth.

Education Connection

Good health care, good jobs, good transportation and a healthy environment depend on active, educated citizens. We need to support school readiness programs, good community schools including after-school youth programs, and active adult learning including a vibrant, world-class university system. Minnesota's education system requires strong state support and community partnerships to take advantage of all our resources. The result will be strong programs in mathematics and the sciences, language and humanities that will equip Minnesotans to compete in an expanding global marketplace.

Health Care Connection

A healthy economy needs a healthy populace. Well children learn better, healthy adults work better, and good care allows people to remain engaged in the community as they age. Good health coverage begins with pre-natal care and includes preventive care for children and adults. The elderly and disabled need the safety and dignity provided by independent choices in long-term care facilities and independent living arrangements. Mental health and chemical dependency issues are as important as physical treatment. Well-thought-out reform such as moving to single-payer health care coverage offers a chance to reduce costs to ensure that no one in Minnesota has to choose between prescriptions and groceries.

Environment Connection

Now is the time for long-range planning and action to slow down environmental destruction and nurture sustainable growth. Strong environmental standards encourage new technologies and spur economic growth. Cities, suburbs, and countryside are interconnected, and all benefit from regional transportation choices, active environmental education, strong waste reduction efforts, and sustainable agricultural development.

Citizen Connection

Democratic government is the glue that connects individual citizens and their diverse neighborhoods into a vibrant, prosperous state. Our representatives together ensure that our tax dollars are well spent for the common good. We need legislators who are willing to work together. And legislators need citizens who follow the issues and advocate for the broader public interest. When constituents offer their understanding, observations and ideas, legislators are better equipped to formulate public policy. Good legislators offer open access, a willing ear and thoughtful responses because they know democracy requires that good people are actively involved in the political process.

Connecting for the Future

Building a livable future for our communities and for Minnesota will take hard work and willingness to listen and negotiate with the diverse communities that make up our city and our state. We are all together in this fight. When we bring our individual interests to a common table, we can work together for our common future.

Minnesota prospers because of the diversity of its regions and citizens. The complex issues which appear to divide us are interrelated and require solutions that take all interests into account. We need courageous legislators who are responsible to the public and willing to work together to make hard choices for the benefit of the whole community. Persistent, quiet hard work builds bridges and negotiates solutions that benefit our neighborhoods, our regions and our state.

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